[Wine] TI83 plus Texas Instrument Calculator, Serial cable and USB cable

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Mon Jan 30 04:37:15 CST 2006

> Pavel,
> do those failing programs using the serial port use the serial port in a
> standard way? That should work. Or do the programs install some drivers
> (.sys, .vxd files). The latter case wouldn't work.
  No, there are no extra drivers installed for most of programs I know.
  For example, I would like to reflash some Siemens phones I have. I have
the original Siemens DCA-510 cable, which is an USB-serial converter cable,
containing PL-2303 chip, so it appears like a pure serial device 
(/dev/tts/usb/0, for example).
  Using terminal program, I can connect to the phones, make a connection
etc. So the cable is working in Linux.
  There are two programs available: One of them is an original Siemens
updater, and the second one is called WinSwup. Neither of them detects my
phone connected over the cable, although the same cable can be used from
windoze without any problem. The programs are accessing it as a serial
cable, NOT USB one.
  I've already tried to look, what the programs are doing with the port.
I've found that both of them are not sending any data, unless they succeed
with some initial hadshake, provided over the flow control lines (DTR, DSR,
RTS, CTS...). I'm afraid that there is a problem with some really highly
specific operation with the port, which is done wrong in wine. The programs
don't receive exactly what they need, and both of them are complaining that
the phone doesn't respond. The original updater even has a special "manual"
mode, in which I can see a repeated asserting and deasserting of those
flow control lines, but after about 10 cycles the program gives up. I was
using strace to see, what's happening on the port, not wine's debug.
  Please tell me which debug options I should pass to wine, I will try to
make a dump of what's happening on the port and I'll send you the result.

                  With regards, Pavel Troller

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