[Wine] wcmd - CALL doesn't honor PATH

Molle Bestefich molle.bestefich at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 13:24:05 CST 2006

Jesse Guardiani wrote:
> Is this a bug?

If cmd on Windows follows PATH, then it's a bug.

> Any way around it?

Since you have an excellent bug report, you could report it to
wine-devel at winehq.org and then watch as nothing happens :-). 
(Probably, but who knows!)

Or check out the source code, conjure up a patch, make sure it adheres
to HACKING, then send it to wine-patches at winehq.org.

There's development info here:

There's also a Wine Developer's Guide, but I couldn't find it linked
from anywhere on either the winehq.org main pages or the
wiki.winehq.org main pages.  It's out there.... somewhere...

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