[Wine] Re: Re: wcmd - CALL doesn't honor PATH

Jonathan Ernst jonathan at ernstfamily.ch
Mon Jan 30 17:48:43 CST 2006

Le mardi 31 janvier 2006, Molle Bestefich a écrit :

> There's also a Wine Developer's Guide, but I couldn't find it linked
> from anywhere on either the winehq.org main pages or the
> wiki.winehq.org main pages.  It's out there.... somewhere...



To get it you just go on the website (http://www.winehq.org), then
Documentation, then Wine Developers Guide.

> It's a somewhat complex interface (IMHO) and you'll need to enter some
> magic keywords to make sure that the right developers see your
> particular bug.
> That's out of my league, someone else will have to tell you what
> keywords apply here, I don't know.  But opening a bug would be a good
> start, anyway :-).

There are many people (me included) that are doing bug triage and who
will direct the bug to the correct developer/choose the correct keyworkd
in most cases.

Not knowing what keyword to give to a bug doesn't make bugzilla hard to
use or give an excuse to don't report bugs. Just choose wine-misc or

Best regards.
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