[Wine] fixme:win:SwitchDesktop

Jim Showalter jim_showalter at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 2 17:13:37 CDT 2006

I just installed Wine last night.  First let me say: it's awesome!
Much better than I supposed.

I decided to try Wine because I've been trying to get file compat-
ability between Linux and PasswordSafe, a great Windows password

I copied all the PasswordSafe files to their own directory in my
$HOME so that PasswordSafe could write it's database.

I cd to that directory; enter: "wine pwsafe.exe" and it runs fine.
Everything works.

But if I switch desktops the PasswordSafe window becomes transparent.
That is, when I switch back to IT'S desktop, it's window is only an
outline, with any parts of other windows or desktop beneath clearly
visible.  And the console it was launched from displays the line:

"fixme:win:SwitchDesktop SwitchDesktop(hwnd 0x58) stub!"

over and over.  When this happens, I find that a ^C in the the parent
console kills it nicely.

Searching newsgroups and FAQ's, I did see several dated references to
the -managed and -desktop switches.  But there seems to be no recent
mention of these switches here, none in the man page, and Wine won't
take them, so I guess they've been deprecated.

Details: OpenSUSE 10.1, Wine 0.9.11, PasswordSafe 3.01.  Suse offers
winetools 0.9 - Beta, but I haven't run it - should I?


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