[Wine] Re: fixme:win:SwitchDesktop

Paul Romanyszyn pgr at arcelectronicsinc.com
Sun Jul 2 23:05:31 CDT 2006

Jim Showalter wrote:
> I just installed Wine last night.  First let me say: it's awesome!
> Much better than I supposed.
Wine is progressing but regression pop up from time to time.

> But if I switch desktops the PasswordSafe window becomes transparent.
> That is, when I switch back to IT'S desktop, it's window is only an
> outline, with any parts of other windows or desktop beneath clearly
> visible.  And the console it was launched from displays the line:
> "fixme:win:SwitchDesktop SwitchDesktop(hwnd 0x58) stub!"
> over and over.  When this happens, I find that a ^C in the the parent
> console kills it nicely.
> Searching newsgroups and FAQ's, I did see several dated references to
> the -managed and -desktop switches.  But there seems to be no recent
> mention of these switches here, none in the man page, and Wine won't
> take them, so I guess they've been deprecated.
Use winecfg and there are several different check boxes. Some things 
work managed and some things work unmanaged. You want to try the virtual 
desktop setting.

> Details: OpenSUSE 10.1, Wine 0.9.11, PasswordSafe 3.01.  Suse offers
> winetools 0.9 - Beta, but I haven't run it - should I?
> jim 
Not sure how your packages are put together. Wine is up to 0.9.16 which 
may be better or not but the first step in filling a bug report is to 
get the latest version. If you plan on compiling from source

If the winetools 0.9 is a non winehq add on package you don't need it. I 
did see in a one discussion that some packagers break wine in to many 
little packages and the winetools contained parts of wine that were 
required but I don't think it was SUSE.

Also search bugs.winehq.org and appdb at winehq.org for possibly more 
info as this don't get indexed by the search engines.

As for puzzled. The reposts have been a new occurance.
comp.emulator.ms-windows.wine and news.gmane.org see 
http://www.winehq.org/mailman/listinfo/wine-users now have the same data.
Paul R

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