[Wine] using windows-printer-drivers with wine ?

juve juvanus at gmx.de
Mon Jul 3 20:40:58 CDT 2006

Hi !
I own a Canon S500 (4 Color Inkjet printer). Canon has ultimately poor
support for linux i'll never by a Canon-product again. Unfortunately i
bought this one before i abandoned my windows and now i'm stuck with
some average drivers of my Fedora linux (FC5). No nozzle
check/alignment, no printhead cleaning and bad color-setup/correction.
I tried turboprint.de drivers and are they much better, but i won't pay
30€ just for a printing-driver.

Canons windows-drivers are very good. So here's my question: Is it
possible to use wine with windows-printer-drivers ? And if it is, has
anybody tried it with a Canon-printer ?


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