[Wine] Re: using windows-printer-drivers with wine ?

juve juvanus at gmx.de
Tue Jul 4 04:09:29 CDT 2006

another idea/question:

If there's a networkprinter on a linux machine (linuxmachine internally
uses CUPS or whatever ?).
And i'm on a real windows with installed windows-drivers for this
printer, am i able to use them for the printer ?
Afaik you always have to install some real drivers, either the printer
is local or networked. And consider the case that there some company
network with a Linux print-server. Won't the windows machines use a
windows-driver to generate their print-querys for the networked

So even if wine can't use the printer via usb it might be possible to
use a windows driver with a (virtually) networked printer. (?)

btw: i tried to install the canon-drivers with wine, but it crashed
during setup.

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