[Wine] Re: using windows-printer-drivers with wine ?

Bob Bob bob3bob3 at cox.net
Tue Jul 4 09:33:10 CDT 2006


Doesnt it say somewhere "primary goal being uncompromising quality" For 
the Gimp or Gutenprint driver? I'll admit I havent followed this up. My 
understanding is that wine uses the cups interface to the installed 
drivers via a postscript stream. Whatever quality you get from vanila 
Linux (say using Gimp) you shd be able to get using wine.

Is it worth checking that your installed version is up to date enough 
that the drivers you need are included?

There was also a comment about a Canon driver being available from them, 
but the link is broken.

Good luck!


juve wrote:
> Thx Bob,
> but the linuxprinting.org drivers are already included in FC5, and they
> are no match for the windows-driver or the turboprint-driver. They are
> (as mentioned above) only average and have less features and a bad
> color-setup/correction. The windows-drivers are far superior.
> Juve

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