[Wine] Re: Help with porting windows app to Linux OS in VMWare

dank daniel.r.kegel at gmail.com
Fri Jul 7 00:04:46 CDT 2006

Je wrote:
> I need to Port a windows app. written/compiled in Visual Basic 6 that I
> developed over to Linux using WINE. I like the OS be installed in VMWare.
> Here's what I want. A VMWare file that contains a Linux OS with my
> windows App. installed and running correctly under WINE or sometime
> similiar.
> I like someone who know how to use WINE.
> I like someone who know how to use VMWare.
> I like someone who knows how to port windows app. to Linux before.
> I need someone who can use the smallest installation of Linux and have my
> Visual Basic app. running on it using WINE or something similiar

The first and hardest part is getting your Visual Basic 6 app
working well in Wine.  I'm helping improve VB6 support under
Wine right now.  The thing for you to do is test your app
with the latest wine (0.9.16 right now) and report any problems
you find, then work with the wine developers to test their fixes.
- Dan

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