[Wine] Wine - almost a laugh but really a cry

Juergen Wiezorek juergenw_ at web.de
Sun Jul 9 08:52:50 CDT 2006

After reading about a major Direct3D rewrite in the new wine-0.9.16 version , 
I gave it a try (again) and installed it on my Fedora Core 5 system (Athlon64 
3200+ with a Geforce 6600GT and latest proprietary nvidia driver installed - 
To see whether anything has really changed, I dug up my old Diablo2/LoD and 
installed it.
And Lo, things have changed!
Whereas previous wine version were at least able to run the game in 2D, this 
new crap doesn't run it at all, complaining that it doen't find any(!) usabel 
video mode.
Man, this is a 7-year old DirectX game and you guys are still unable to handle 
it properly - your such a laugh!
To me, your whole project looks just like a big waste of time.
Get real - stop this nonsense and grab a life!

Juergen Wieczorek
Hamburg / Germany

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