[Wine] SOLVED: No printing possible in wine 0.9.15

Sven Rudolph sven at spaghetticode.de
Mon Jul 10 19:26:37 CDT 2006

Hello Duane,

well I have good news.
It works!

Thanks a lot for your help!


P.S. This hint should really make it into the docs.

> the PPD file you are using does not have any entries 
> (usually at the end of the file) like these:
> *DefaultFont: Courier
> *Font AvantGarde-Book: Standard "(001.006S)" Standard ROM
> *Font AvantGarde-BookOblique: Standard "(001.006S)" Standard ROM
> ...

> In the meantime, try just copying the entries from the Wine supplied
> generic.ppd file into the i560.ppd file that is presumably in
> /etc/cups/ppd or somewhere similar. That might make things work for you.
> Delete the ~/.wine and let winecfg recreate it; Wine won't detect that
> the PPD file has changed.

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