[Wine] numlock and german key like ä ö ü is not active

lightmans harald.freidhof at ish.de
Wed Jul 12 09:31:25 CDT 2006

Hello Friends,
 i have a fresh debian/ubuntu 6.06 installation with automatix and Wine
0.9.12 installed and cedega 5.2.

My problem is when i start an emulated application on wine, like a game
(EVE online game) or a other application i can not use the german keys
on the keyboard like ö ä ü etc. and the (numlock key) numberfield on
the keyboard doesnt work.

Do anybody now where i have to activate it or what i have to do?

My keyboard works fine under linux and i have no problems with it ..
its only in wine an a emulated MS Windows application.

Thank you !!

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