[Wine] Re: Running Turbo C

Jörg Schaible joerg.schaible at gmx.de
Tue Jul 11 16:01:27 CDT 2006

CptDondo wrote:

> Dotan Cohen wrote:
>> I'm trying to learn C in the university!
>> I don't really care where the program _can_ run, only that I can run
>> it from within the IDE. We're learning pointers and arrays and
>> recursive functions. We are not learning to build GUIs. So I can use
>> whatever compiles ANSI C, so long as it compiles from within the IDE
>> because I'll make five hundred small changes and I need to run after
>> each change.
> OK, that sort of makes sense....
> But I doubt you'll have much luck finding anything like Turbo C IDE for
> linux....
> I used to use it quite a bit when it came out, but linux is just
> different....
> IIRC correctly, you have an edit window, a run window, and an error
> window.
> Sort of like an editor, a shell running make and the resulting
> executable, and possibly another shell running gdb...
> The problem is that most of us in linux land are too damn picky and
> individualistic for a simple IDE to really gain popularity.
> I use kate for some projects due to its ability to collapse and expand
> blocks of code.  I use vi for quick changes.  I use cat and less and
> grep to scan files.  Sometimes I use sed to make global changes.  I use
> gedit sometimes instead of kate.  I use cross-compilers and different
> versions of gcc.  I use all sorts of stuff, and the collection of little
> tools I have is far richer than any single IDE.  And I can tile my
> windows in X to look like an IDE, so what need have I for an IDE?
> So I doubt you'll find an IDE similar to Turbo C....  The only time you
> may find an IDE useful is for really complex tasks like dealing with Qt
> (yeccchhhh).

Try Eclipse with the CDT plugin. Might be easier than running an IDE with

- Jörg

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