[Wine] Re: Running Turbo C

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Wed Jul 12 15:46:37 CDT 2006

On 12/07/06, Paul Romanyszyn <pgr at arcelectronicsinc.com> wrote:

> What version of Turbo C and date.
It's here on this page:
As the filename is TURBOC30.exe I assume it's version 3.0.

> As I remember tc 1. was dos based. At around 4. it was a win 3.11 or win32s.
> The options are dual boot to dos or window or get bochs, qemu or dosemu
> to work and use it as a virtual PC with your choice of OS installed.
> http://bochs.sourceforge.net/
> http://fabrice.bellard.free.fr/qemu/
> http://dosemu.org/
> for the first 2 you will need to use mtools to transfer files in and out
> of the emulated harddrive.
> Once you have simulated harddrives and have a working bochs it is easy
> to let qemu use the simulated install and it will emulate a little faster.
> The turbodebugger should work under bochs and qemu. It may not work
> under dosemu. The other drawbacks on bochs and qemu is the number pad
> keys don't seem to work.
> I have used bochs but now use qemu to run a cross compiler for an
> embedded micro that only runs on dos 6.22 as it uses protected mode 32
> bit instructions not allowed on win 95 dos.
> Paul

Thanks. I'll start playing with those tools, and I'll subscribe to the
relevant mailing lists if need be. I appreciate the advice.
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Dotan Cohen

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