[Wine] Re: Cannot uninstall wine; failed dependencies

Darren Wilkinson spamtrap at spamtrap.spamtrap
Wed Jul 12 21:07:59 CDT 2006

sir_k_88 at hotmail.com wrote:
> I recently installed SuSE 10.1 for the first time (I'm completely new
> to Linux).
I hope you like it. It is a bit of a learning curve at first though, but that's 
part of the fun.

> Wine was installed with it, but i'm not sure what version, or what
> directory it was installed to.
> To be safe I thought it'd be best for me to uninstall wine completely,
> and reinstall the latest version.
This isn't as necessary as it is in windows but is always a good idea as long as 
you don't directories like .wine or .xine or .gnome etcetera in your 
/home/username directory as they hold the personal settings which you will want 
to keep

> I went to what I think is the correct directory (/usr/lib/) and did
> 'make uninstall wine' and got the error message :
> make: ***No rule to make target 'uninstall'. Stop.
Your second attempt is more along the right lines but this is important so I'll 
put my 2 cents in. The make command works from the "Makefile" file which is a 
script included in the *source code*. It should be used from the directory 
you've extracted the source code like this:

./configure <-- checks your system against it's requirements
make	    <-- compiles the source into binary

along with:

make install <-- usually done as root


make uninstall  <-- deletes any installed files

or even

Make clean	<-- removes any compiled files from the source directory

There's little else to installing from the source but do a search on the 
internet as you will need to familiarize yourself with it.

> So instead i tried 'rpm -e wine' in the same directory, and got the
> following error message:
It doesn't matter what directory you run rpm/urpmi/etcetera from as the rpm app 
all use a central database.

> error: Failed dependencies:
>         libwine.so.1 is needed by (installed)
> xmms-plugins-1.2.10-44.i586
> Could anybody tell me how to fix this so i can uninstall wine.
I could give you the quick answer but this will be better for you.

Almost *every* program you ever install (from rpm or "make install" or whatever) 
on linux will install a man(ual) page giving detailed information. These are 
very useful to look at if you are getting an error or *think* you know which app 
to use but not which options.

Try "man rpm" from any directory and you'll quickly get your answer.

Ok here's the quick answer as well.

libwine.so.1 is included in all the wine rpms and xmms is just a media player so 
you can safely do:

rpm -e --force wine

> Thanks.

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