[Wine] Re: com ports

Mike Anthony moravian_knight at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 13 12:37:29 CDT 2006

Nikolas Arend wrote:
> Ian Couchman wrote:
> > Hi everyone,
> > I am in the last stages of converting my business to Linux. All software is
> > now open-source or running under wine. Except one. The software supplied by
> > my bank. This runs fine under wine apart from the dialup to the bank. No
> > matter what settings I use for the modem, I always get the message that the
> > modem cannot be initialised.
> > Here's what I have confirmed so far:
> > The com port is pointing to the right place in wine. If I select a
> > non-existant port, the software says it cannot access the port.
> > I have access permissions for the port. Using kppp, I can dial out without
> > problem.
> > For the same reason, the modem, serial connections & phone connections are OK.
> >
> >
> This is just a quick shot...
> I had the same problem talking to my modem on the COM port with
> wine-0.9.16 (although I knew that it had worked before). Downgrading to
> wine-0.9.10 in my case solved the issue. I can't tell you what changed
> or at which exact version things broke. I just saw that wine 0.9.17 is
> out, maybe the issue got resolved (if there was one with 0.9.16).
> Of course, downgrading wine might bring up problems with your other
> apps, but it might be worth a try. In any case you should back up your
> ~/.wine directory before playing around ;-)
> Cheers,   Nick.

This is interesting. I have been pulling my hair out trying to get the
comm ports to work using wine and an amateur radio application. I'm
using 9.16 on a new clean SuSE 10.1 installation. Comm ports have been
chmodded to 0666 and can be communicated with outside of wine.
Soooo, does this mean somthing is broken with 9.16?

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