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"Antonio J. Pérez" aperezp at uma.es
Thu Jul 13 13:07:05 CDT 2006

    Sorry, I wasn't repying to the list. My previous message:
   Thanks for your answer Stefan. I have another partition with Windows 
XP, and I use the dlls from it. My version is Wine 0.9.16
   When I use the dll from Wine version, the first of the error is 
equal, but are many lines like:

0x7fc9f46c:  00000000 7ff229a0 00000001 80000100
0x7fc9f47c:  00000001 00000000 0040c4bf 00000002
0x7fc9f48c:  0044b4c8 000019e1 00000001 0001002a
0x7fc9f49c:  7fc9f4dc 5f40c1c4 00000000 0000ffff
0x7fc9f4ac:  0000e900 00000002 7ff229fc 00000000
0x7fc9f4bc:  00000001 0040c470 7ff229a0 00000000 ...
    I will test that, but I downloaded the dll from the web and put it 
on PreP folder, but it didn't work. Thanks and I'm going to try it... Salu2,


Daniel Skorka escribió:
> Stefan Munz <stefan.munz at itomig.de> wrote:
>>>     And I obtain this error:
>>> 6667: assertion failed "(*(const char*)_DBUS_FUNCTION_NAME) != '_'" file
>>> "dbus-connection.c" line 2877 function _dbus_connection_read_write_dispatch
>>> wine: Call from 0x40c4bf to unimplemented function MFC42.DLL.6625, aborting
> No problems here on wine 0.9.17. Of course, I don't have any files for
> this program, so all I can do is click around in the menu.
>> quick guess: did you install/copy native MFC dlls? If not, try to copy them 
>> from your windows box (I'm not sure wether you need a Windows licence). You 
>> can verify with the environment variable WINEDEBUG=+loaddll wether Wine loads 
>> mfc* native.
> The error he is getting does not result from a missing DLL. wine itself
> does not contain mfc42.dll, so you need to use a native one anyway.
> My guess:
> Either the wine version is too old, or mfc42.dll is sensitive to the
> emulated windows version (mine is W2K).
>> BTW: some additional information like your wine version would be helpfull.
> Yes, very.
> Daniel
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