[Wine] Do you have Photoshop CS2 working?

alan.gibson at gmail.com alan.gibson at gmail.com
Thu Jul 13 22:01:59 CDT 2006

Does any one have Photoshop CS2 working? If so, can you please, for the
benefit of all of us who cant seem to get it going, post detailed
instructions on what you did?

After several days of heavy googling ive come up with dozens of "i
copied some files and registry keys and it worked" comments, but no
actual instructions on what they did. Im starting to feel like

Ive tried copying the contents of c:\Program Files\Adobe, c:\Program
Files\Common Files\Adobe, and c:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe
Systems Shared and the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/software/adobe registry key
as others have indicated. Photoshop starts but displays an error that
is something like "your serial number, name or organization is invalid
or missing" then quits. This is only informed speculation, but I
presume that this is a problem caused by the license management
included in CS2; among other things, it apparently relies on the
Microsoft cryptographic system.

This evening I will try to create a symbolic link in
"/home/USERNAME/.wine/drive_c/Program Files" that points to
"/media/c/Program Files/Adobe". Ill copy the registry files by
capturing the installed keys with Advanced Registry Tracer and RegShot
in the hope that one of the captures will work. Ill report back on how
it works.

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