[Wine] Re: Running Grand Prix Legends in wine

Fab fabrice.renaud at gmail.com
Sat Jul 15 01:48:04 CDT 2006

Look like I posted too fast, I tried with a full path (  wine
D:\\GPL\\gpl.exe ) and it ran.

Only issues I noticed is the sound that is faded, like if there was
some wind, and the game doesn't exit I have to kill it.

Fab wrote:
> I am trying to run Grand Prix legends, more specifically the 2004 Demo
> (http://www.bhmotorsports.com/GPL/downloads/3239)
> I could install the demo using wine but when I launch it, forcing it in
> a 1024x768 windows, a blue screen opened then closed, no error
> messages.
> I found an old howto
> (http://www.zefix.tv/linux_wine_racing_simulations/GrandPrixLegends)
> but I still couldn't figure it out.
> I would really appreciate if an experienced wine user could have a look
> and let me know if it can run in wine or not.
> For information I am using Suse 10.1 with the latest ATI driver and
> Wine 9.11 (Suse package)

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