[Wine] com ports

Nikolas Arend Nikolas.Arend at gmx.net
Sat Jul 15 12:48:47 CDT 2006

Ian Couchman wrote:
> Tried that. Still not working. Also tried reverting to wine-0.9.10. Still no 
> go. Tried a different modem (known to work with this app under windows) Still 
> no go. I did notice that the tr & rs lamps on the modem came on while the app 
> was trying to initialise the modem. Does that give anyone a clue?
> Ian
Under which wine version did the lamps come on? Could you try a 
different software? I'm using a program from SuperVoice, they have 
30-day trial versions for download at


The installation is a bit hacky under wine (install fails at the end, 
but program runs fine afterwards), but it works quite well with my modem 
(wine version 0.9.10, not 0.9.16, mind you). You could give it a try, 
maybe its your particular software that wine has problems with.

HTH,     Nick.

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