[Wine] com ports

Nikolas Arend Nikolas.Arend at gmx.net
Sun Jul 16 04:00:10 CDT 2006

>> I'm using a program from SuperVoice, they have 
>> 30-day trial versions for download at
>> http://www.supervoice.com/asp/downloads.asp
>> The installation is a bit hacky under wine (install fails at the end,
>> but program runs fine afterwards), but it works quite well with my modem
>> (wine version 0.9.10, not 0.9.16, mind you). You could give it a try,
>> maybe its your particular software that wine has problems with.
> Which program did you use?
You could either try SV Pro 7 or SV 2.6. I'd say get the latter, its 
smaller to download, and this is just to see whether communication with 
your modem on the com port works.


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