[Wine] How to find the correct native DLL?

Daniel Kraft d at daniel-kraft.net
Sun Jul 16 09:36:25 CDT 2006

Dear Wine-users!

As I have a Windows 2000 installation on my Linux system, too, I want to 
make Wine use native Microsoft-DLLs where needed.  But my problem is now 
to determine, which native DLLs I should use!  Is there a way to find 
out of the error messages Wine dumps to the console which DLL contains 
that code (so which one I need to replace by the native one)?

For instance, after replacing Wine's shell.dll and shell32.dll with the 
Microsoft ones, I get a lot of errors like that:

fixme:shell:IQueryAssociations_fnGetData (0x7fd3db28, 0x0, 0x3, (null), 
(nil), (nil))-stub!

Is there a way to make Wine report which of its built-in DLLs contains 
that fixme-thing?

Many thanks in advance,

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