[Wine] Re: How to find the correct native DLL?

Daniel Skorka skorka at gmx.net
Sun Jul 16 12:51:01 CDT 2006

Daniel Kraft <d at daniel-kraft.net> wrote:
> Why shouldn't shell32.dll be replaced?  It was just that without 
> replacing shell32.dll, I got another error because the shell-API wasn't 
> correct enough.

Hm, I lived under the impression that shell32 was as good as complete. I
certainly never had any problems relating to it. The rationale here was
not to fix things that aren't broken

> By the way, I was trying to run the MSN Messenger 7.0 Install-Program; 
> however, I don't know whether it simply doesn't run on Wine, but I've 
> just tried.



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