[Wine] Re: New user is confused by some configuration issues

Tim Richardson te.richardson at gmail.com
Mon Jul 17 05:40:41 CDT 2006

Daniel Skorka wrote:
> Tim Richardson <te.richardson at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I find the documentation very confusing about how to install native
> > DLLs,  which native DLLs to install and where to put them. Some of the
> > advice is contradictory.
> How: Put them either into windows\system32 or into the applications
> directory. Add an appropriate override in winecfg. Which: It depends.
> > I have wine 0.9.17 on Ubuntu 6.06
> > I see in the system32 a number of DLLs are installed.
> > Are these the only copy of the builtin DLLs that wine has?
> No. They are merely fakes to satisfy programs which look for the DLLs by
> looking for the files.
> > Next question: somewhere in a howto on the website, there is a hint the
> > wine is much better at Windows 98 APIs than NT APIs, so the suggestion
> > was to use Win 98 native DLLs. Yet the default Windows emulation is
> > Windows 2000, and it is much easier for me to find Win XP DLLs. So what
> > should I do?
> I'd guess this hint is outdated. There is a reason the default is the
> default.
> > Is there a tutorial somewhere based on a real example, showing how to
> > find which native DLLs make all the difference between success and
> > failure?
> An easy way is to look at the error messages and replace the
> corresponding DLL. Of course sometimes this is not so easy.
> appdb.winehq.org contains a lot of wisdom on individual programs.
> Daniel

Daniel, thank you for your clear explanation.

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