[Wine] Problem running Windows Notepad under Wine

Bob Unitt junk at bobunitt.wanadoo.co.uk
Tue Jul 18 04:52:46 CDT 2006


I need to give someone the ability to create Windows-format text
documents, which I can then copy (via SMB) to a W2000 machine for
further processing. I've got the file-sharing up and running, and Wine
installed and running Windows Notepad OK, but I've hit a snag trying to
set it up to load Notepad automatically when the file-icon is clicked :-

Environment - ubuntu 6.06, gnome 2.14.2, wine 0.9.17, notepad 5.0.2140.1

create a new text-file 'home/guest/Desktop/test.txt'
select it in Gnome, and right-click for menu
choose 'Open with other application'
in 'Use custom command' enter 'wine notepad'

notepad opens with error message :-
file 'ome/guest/Desktop/test.txt' does not exist
do you want to create a new file ? YES NO
choosing 'YES' gives 'path does not exist'

I can navigate to the file via 'File Open' and it opens OK.

It looks as if 'open with other application' is failing to construct the
command-line argument correctly (dropping the first character ?) - is
this a known problem, or have I misunderstood the process here ?

Bob Unitt

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