[Wine] Problems with newest Wine versions (.16, .17)

Daniel Skorka skorka at gmx.net
Thu Jul 20 05:21:28 CDT 2006

Alex Ferguson <b_linuz at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I changed the settings in winecfg in every way possible and still, no go.
> As for the changes made, I think the changelog in 0.9.16 says it all:
> Major DirectDraw rewrite on top of Direct3D.

Ah well, a bit of web searching reveals that both games don't need
hardware accelerated 3D and thus propably don't use D3D at all, only
DDraw. Thus, it is the reworking of DDraw that is important, not the
work on D3D.

> It really doesn't matter if it's fatal or not...Those lines popped up when the problems popped up (In the .16 and newer releases), so I guess those are to blame....Or at least checked for more information on the problem itself.

What problems are those exactly?


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