[Wine] getwinegit.sh v0.4 released!

Christian Lachner gladiac.lists at gmail.com
Thu Jul 20 07:52:14 CDT 2006

Hello all,

There's a new Version of getwinegit.sh. It is now at 0.4. There is no
need to comfigure the pathes to the programs getwinegit needs.
Everything happens automatically now ;). I hope you enjoy this
release... Here's the readme and the changelog:


 :: Intro
getwinegit is a script which was designed to download/update, compile
and install the current wine-source-tree from a git-repository.

 :: Usage
Usage: getwinegit.sh mode [config-file]

 -0   update the local source-tree
 -1   + compile the source
 -2   + install

 -3   no update; just compile the local source-tree and install
 -4   no update, no compile; just install

 -h   help ;)

The Config-File is optional

 :: Install
Just copy getwinegit.sh wherever you want, make it executable and
(optionally) create a softlink at /usr/bin. Then (or before) configure
the script by editing the variables in the head with your favourite

 APP            The name of the app which's sources we want to fetch and compile
 GITROOT        The GIT-Repository from where we want to fetch the sources
 SRC            Your Source-Directory (default is /usr/src)
 TARGET         The Sub-Directory where the sources will get stored
 LOG            Location of the Logfile that getwinegit.sh creates
 PIDFILE        Location of the PID-File
 COMPILED_HELPER        A dirty File which is needed to detect, if the
source is already compiled or not
 WAIT_FOR_CLEAN Seconds to wait until the script begins to clean the
source. 0 = disabled (default is 5)
 DEFAULT_MODE   The Mode in which getwinegit.sh should operate if NO
Parameter is given. (default is 2) By default this Feature is
commented out. To enable, remove the rhomb at the beginning of the

getwinegit.sh needs some packages to function properly. Go install the
following ones: gcc, make, curl, bison, flex, git. I hope i did not
forget any.

 :: Future?
This is one of the last versions. No great changes are planned, only bugfixes.

 :: Bugs?
Report them to wine-devel or wine-users ;)

getwinegit.sh ChangeLog

0.4     Long time no see, but now it's time, isn't it?
                - More Checks
                - The Script now tells you if you are already up-to-date with
                  the git-repository
                - Cleanups :)
                - Some small Bugfixes
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