[Wine] Re: Connection Error

Vinicius 'Corvu' BR vinicius.snts at gmail.com
Thu Jul 20 09:17:25 CDT 2006

>Does the same program on a windows box within the same network environment have problems >connecting to the server?
> Is there maybe something wrong with your network configuration?

Well, at Windows it connects ok. With the same IP, the same configs,
logged into the same Domain..
I think that's nothing wrong with my connection. (THINK only, I'm no
totally sure)

> As a last resort, you could try to strace the process for the program
> and see what calls are made.
Thanks, this was a VERY Helpful tip... I've forgot to use it. I used it
and it returned me that socket( ) is called 17 times (!) and
getsockopt( ) is called 5 times. But it continues not doing the
connection, not even calling the eth0. Any Idea??


Vinicius 'Corvu'

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