[Wine] WineHQ.org will be moving to a new server today.

Jeremy Newman jnewman at codeweavers.com
Thu Jul 20 09:51:39 CDT 2006

Starting today at 2pm CDT winehq.org will be moving to a new ISP. At the
same time I am moving everything over to new server hardware.

This means we will be having some DNS issues for the next week or so. It
really depends on how quickly your ISP's DNS servers catch the changes.
As a workaround if you DNS is stale and you still need access to
CVS/git/etc you can add the following to your /etc/hosts file	www.winehq.org cvs.winehq.org source.winehq.org
bugs.winehq.org appdb.winehq.org wine.codeweavers.com

Note: The above is all one line.
Just remember to remove that after a week or so.

I will also have a redirect setup from the old IP to a temporary
hostname of www2.winehq.org at the new IP. This will allow the website
to be available to everyone else.

Lastly, Bugzilla and the Appdb will be down slightly longer as that is
the last thing I will be copying over to the new server.

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