[Wine] problem usin MS RDO to acces a database

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at yahoo.fr
Mon Jul 24 09:06:04 CDT 2006

Hi Marcelo,
--- Marcelo Luda <marceluda at moron.gov.ar> a écrit :

> My name is Marcelo Luda, I'm new to the list. I'm from Argentina and in
> the place where I work we ara planing to migrate to linux, but only if
> we can manage to run all the software we now use in windows.
> Obisuly, we are trying with Wine :-)
> Most of the app I need to run use MS RDO . We managed to install
> sussefully RDO and MSODBC but the apps crash when they try to use it.
> I attached a debug of one of the erros. If anyone can give me a clue, I
> would be gratefully.

It seems you dont have write access to "c:\windows" and its subdirectories.
The log shows many write errors,
like when its trying to write the .ini file.
The program will likely fail if it isnt correctly created.

warn:file:CreateFileW Unable to create file 
L"c:\\windows\\expedientes.ini" (status c0000034)

Kind regards,
Sylvain Petreolle (aka Usurp)
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