[Wine] Mouse problem in Fallout

Danny danny at ktsolution.biz
Tue Jul 25 12:47:56 CDT 2006

Good day list,

I am trying to get Fallout Tactics, Brotherhood of Steel to work with wine.
Everything went exceptionally well with the install etc. Everything is working
great except when I am in the game. When I move the mouse to scroll the map, the
map does not scroll (in windowed mode). Everything else works fine. When I switch to
fullscreen, X freezes up on me when I move the mouse to the edge of the screen
to scroll the map.

(Some of) My config file is as follows:
Managed = "Y"
UseDGA = "Y"
UseXVidMode = "Y"
UseTakeFocus = "Y"
DXGrab = "Y"
DesktopDoubleBuffered = "Y"

Debian Sarge
Wine version 20050310 (Ddefault Sarge Installation)
PS/2 Mouse
Latest nVidia drivers.

I am using DR17. I have the same problem in KDE, 9WM, Gnome, Blackbox etc.

I don't think it is the wine version I am using, as Fallout is known to be fully
playable with older versions of wine.

Thank You in advance


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