[Wine] Re: problem usin MS RDO to acces a database

Legine legine.wine at web.de
Wed Jul 26 01:59:16 CDT 2006

Hope it is not because of the problem with the user rights.

Marcelo Luda schrieb:
> Thank you for your help. I didn't forget you, but I'm having problems to
> mak the app to test. When I have it done I will send the results to the
> list . . .
> El sáb, 22-07-2006 a las 17:34 -0700, Dan Kegel escribió:
>> Marcelo wrote:
>>> My name is Marcelo Luda, I'm new to the list. I'm from Argentina and in
>>> the place where I work we ara planing to migrate to linux, but only if
>>> we can manage to run all the software we now use in windows.
>>> Obisuly, we are trying with Wine :-)
>>> Most of the app I need to run use MS RDO . We managed to install
>>> sussefully RDO and MSODBC but the apps crash when they try to use it.
>>> I attached a debug of one of the erros. If anyone can give me a clue, I
>>> would be gratefully.
>>> ...
>>> Backtrace:
>>> =>1 0x236a2ce4 in msrdo20 (+0x32ce4) (0x236a2ce4)
>>>   2 0x23696b01 in msrdo20 (+0x26b01) (0x23696b01)
>>>   3 0x740cc9d9 in msvbvm50 (+0xc9d9) (0x740cc9d9)
>>>   4 0x740dbebe in msvbvm50 (+0x1bebe) (0x740dbebe)
>>>   5 0x006351c8 in expedientes (+0x2351c8) (0x006351c8)
>>> ...
>> Hi Marcelo,
>> I'm very interested in helping you.
>> I see you're using Visual Basic 5.  Which version of RDO and MSODBC
>> are you using?  (i.e. did you install MDAC 2.1?)
>> The best thing for us to do might be to write a minimal test case
>> that demonstrates the crash.   Is that something you could do?
>> Ideally it'd be a very short Visual Basic program that simply
>> tried to use RDO, worked fine under Windows, but crashes in Wine.
>> And ideally you'd file a bug with the source code and executable of
>> the minimal test case at http://bugs.winehq.org.
>> If you can't do that, we can still help, it will just take a little longer.
>> Thanks!
>> - Dan

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