[Wine] Inability to proceed with installation of Windows app

Leslie Katz lesliek at ozemail.com.au
Tue Jul 25 22:13:39 CDT 2006

Vincent Povirk wrote:
> On 7/25/06, Leslie Katz <lesliek at ozemail.com.au> wrote:
>> Sorry about the imprecision in it. The version of MS Money which I am
>> trying to install is MS Money98. I did look at the relevant page in the
>> database for that version of the application, but not at the pages for
>> the other versions, including the one you mention.
> Ok, well that page isn't much different. It still hasn't worked for
> anyone yet (apparently).
>> I did click on the default button in the first couple of screens, just
>> to see if text would begin to appear, but then became afraid to go any
>> further. I had a  recollection that at some stage I'd be asked for a
>> serial number to enter and felt that I must be able to read the text to
>> know when to do so.
> I don't see how it could hurt anything..
>> I installed v 0.9.16, rather than v 0.9.17, simply because my
>> distribution had an RPM of the former and not the latter and the user
>> guide recommended using packages. I could delete that RPM and then try
>> to install the current version of Wine from source (though I wouldn't
>> bet the house on my chances!).
> Good point. There might be RPMs somewhere, but I can't say if they'll
> work for your distro.
> You can build wine from source and run it without installing it
> (/path/to/built/source/wine).
>> You say there's a built-in IE replacement in Wine. Is that new to
>> version 0.9.17 or is it in the version that I have installed now? I know
>> that I now have a file called winebrowser.exe, but it's only 1.0 KB in
>> size and not an executable file, I assume. Also, what about the
>> installed MSIE6? Would I need to delete that too?
> It's in the version you have now. However, I was never able to get it
> to work properly until 0.9.17, when they moved to using Gecko engine
> directly instead of the Mozilla ActiveX control. Also, bug reports
> tend to be more useful the newer the version you have (then again,
> it's possible it'll work better on the older implementation, but I
> don't even know how to set that up properly).
> I don't know how to uninstall MSIE6 or if it'll interfere with Wine's IE.
>> As to "mov[ing] away .wine", is that simply deleting my current .wine
>> directory? I'm assuming that if I delete the current RPM, that'll
>> automatically remove the .wine directory.
> It won't. Your .wine directory (which is in your home directory in
> case I wasn't clear) is created the first time Wine runs. It has your
> registry, your fake C: drive, and all of Wine's settings.
> I believe the changes in 0.9.17 that made Wine's IE work for me
> require a .wine directory created by that version of Wine.
Thanks for the further reply, Vincent.

What I'll do now is delete the Wine RPM. If that doesn't automatically 
delete the .wine directory, then I'll do that manually. Then I'll delete 
the existing MSIE6. The fellow who developed the script I used to 
install it has instructions at his site for uninstalling it, which even 
I can follow.

Then I'll try to install Wine from source. Then you'll hear from me 
again, because it won't work!

Seriously, thanks again for your help.


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