[Wine] Inability to proceed with installation of Windows app

Leslie Katz lesliek at ozemail.com.au
Wed Jul 26 04:21:43 CDT 2006

If I may trouble you yet again, Vincent, I've made considerable progress 
over the last few hours, but have struck a new problem.

First, I deleted:
1. my existing earlier version of Wine, by deleting the RPM;
2. my existing ~/.wine directory;
3. my existing MSIE6, according to the instructions of the developer of 
the script I used to install it.

Next, I installed the current version of Wine from source.

Next, I looked in my c:\windows\fonts folder and found it empty, so I 
copied over from my Windows installation all the files in the relevant 
Fonts folder, all 407 of them!

Next, I ran the Money 98 installation program and had no problem with 
absence of text from installation screens. It complained about its 
inability to install MSIE3.02 (which is on the Money98 cd), but 
otherwise implied that it had installed the Money application. Sure 
enough, I found it in c:\Program Files\Microsoft Money. When I ran it, 
however, it refused to open because of an absence of various named dlls. 
I copied those over from my Windows installation and tried again. This 
time, it almost opened, but ultimately failed with the following message:

"Money requires some components of Internet Explorer in order to 
function properly. Please reinstall Money so that Money can add these 
components for you."

That took me back to something you wrote in your first email. You wrote:

"You could help the Wine project by trying to install it [in other 
words, MSMoney] with Wine's
built-in internet explorer replacement and filing a bug if it doesn't
work. ... You may need to edit the registry to make the app think you 
have IE 6 (see

I found the relevant bit in the wiki document, but I simply don't 
understand what it's being suggested in that document I do. When I go to 
my registry, beneath HKLM, Software, Microsoft, Internet Explorer, I 
have three existing folders called AboutURLS, Default Behaviors and 
Version Vector. That seems different to me than the structure referred 
to in the wiki document.

If you could give me some indication as to what I should be adding to my 
registry, I'd be very grateful.


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