[Wine] re: problem usin MS RDO to acces a database

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Wed Jul 26 14:36:22 CDT 2006

Marcelo wrote:
>Well ... A developer from the municipality take a program similar to the
>one I showed you the debug ( it also use RDO ) and stripped it down to
>make it do only a connection with rdo and nothing else (isolating the
>problem with the RDO apart from other things that may affect).
>I installed the program and run it but it still don´t work.

Excellent.  Can you send us the source and binary of the test program?

> The debug is similar to the one I sent in the first mail, I attached it.

Can you run notepad?  e.g.
  wine notepad
Also, which version of Wine are you using?

>Im using
>vb runtime 5 msvbvm50.exe
>mdac_typ_2-5.exe for odbc support (I read it in a web page, don't
>remember where . . .)
>the error about Rdo20Es.dll is strange, because in windows this file
>does not exist, theres only MSRDO20.dll ... I don't kown what this mean.

msrdo20.dll seems to come with visual basic.  Maybe the rdo20es.dll
comes with the spanish version of visual basic 5?
It's also possible that it's ok for rdo20es.dll to not exist;
I've seen that kind of behavior before.
- Dan

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