[Wine] Re: pokerclient wont open new tables?! (wine says the aplication is already running)

Geoff Streeter geoff at dyalog.com
Fri Jun 2 02:31:31 CDT 2006

At 2006-06-01 15:59 -0700, marken wrote:

>Daniel Skorka wrote:
> > skiesabove at gmail.com wrote:
> > > Anyway, i log into my account and everyting works fine untill i try to
> > > open a table. Then wine spits out the following line in the terminal:
> > >
> > > fixme:exec:SHELL_execute flags ignored: 0x00000400
> > >
> > > And also a window oppens which says: "Error, A Boss Media gaming
> > > software is already running on this computer!"
> >
> > First, make sure there aren't any old wine process hanging around, they
> > could be your problem. If that is not it, it would say that this ignored
> > flag is the source of the problem. I think by digging around on MSDN
> > you can find what it is for.
> >
> > Daniel
>I dont have any old wines running....
>sorry, but what is MSDN?
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MSDN: A web site run by Microsoft. Also a subscription service to supply 
test software to developers. Part of this is the MSDN library which is 
documentation for developers. It has been getting steadily harder to use as 
the user interface guys have tried to do more with it. Also it has become 
more and more integrated with a product called Visual Studio. Since I am a 
command line guy and only use Visual Studio for debugging I find it 
somewhat frustrating.

0x400 is SEE_MASK_FLAG_NO_UI - do not display an error message box if an 
error occurs. Which might explain why you then see an error message box. 

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