[Wine] Chinese fonts not displayed properly

Raimund Eimann raimund at cs.auckland.ac.nz
Sun Jun 4 05:39:09 CDT 2006


I've got Chinese Windows application that appears to have a problem with 
Chinese fonts under wine (emulating Windows 98). It's available from here: 
http://www.gtjadzh.com/ (download starts automatically after some seconds, 
filename is setup_dzh5_fuyi.exe. When running "wine setup_dzh5_fuyi.exe" from 
a console, I get get to see a window full of garbage characters (see 
attachment), although I successfully installed Microsoft's Input Method 
Editors (Chinese language pack, filename: scmondo.exe) from  


If anyone could give me a hint about what to do, that would be great, 
otherwise I'll have to install an entire Windows system just for this single 
program :(


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