[Wine] Re: No text shows up when printing with cups-pdf from wine

Max Kubierschky max at knirz.de
Sun Jun 4 13:39:43 CDT 2006


When I print to a PDF file on wine via cups-pdf, I see
the text with Acrobat Reader on Windows, but I don't see
the text with gpdf on Linux.

When I print to a PDF file with the same program on
Windows, I see the text on both platforms.

Must be a font problem. The font I use is Arial Black.
"apt-get install msttcorefonts" installs Arial Black,
but it didn't help.


Max Kubierschky wrote:
> Hello,
> When I try printing to PDF file from wine via cups-pdf,
> and look at the file with gpdf, I see all drawings, but
> no text. Any ideas?
> I run debian Sarge, with cups and wine from unstable.
> That is:
> cups 1.1.23
> cups-pdf 2.2.0
> wine 0.9.11
> Max

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