[Wine] Internet Explorer 6 Setup & App DB

Stefan Leichter Stefan.Leichter at camLine.com
Mon Jun 5 15:08:14 CDT 2006


some time ago (around 7. May 2006) there was a coment in the App DB to get the 
setup of Internet Explorer 6 working.  The Coment was about removing some dll 
names from the wine.inf file. 

The coment was removed from the App DB, but the setup still fails for me with 
current cvs (~2 hours ago).

Therefore i like two know two things:
- does anyone remember which lines needs to be removed from wine.inf
- When did the setup of Internet Explorer 6 work without removing the lines 
after the 7. May? This might be a starting point for regression testing.

Please note: Im not interested in running the Internet Explorer, i interested 
in the dlls, installed during the setup as a starting point for some other 
installation tests. So don't talk to me about using native internet explorer

Thanks Stefan

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