[Wine] Wine: Cannont Determine Executable Type For L"Z:\path\to\executable.exe"

iwoloschin at gmail.com iwoloschin at gmail.com
Wed Jun 14 08:11:36 CDT 2006

I'm having a strange problem.  I have two linux computers, one with
Fedora Core (2 I believe, not sure, an IT guy set it up, I just use
it), a second with RedHat 7.3 (same thing with an IT guy setting it

When I try to run a program on the FC computer, it works perfectly
fine.  Heck, after a little bit of confusion with a dependency program
(also a Windows executable), it worked perfectly, and as far as I can
tell runs exactly the same under Linux as it does under Windows.
Thanks WINE!

However, I just started doing testing on the RH 7.3 system, and it
doesn't work.  The dependency program starts fine, but when I try to
run the other program (from the directoy the executable is in), I get
the error in the subject:

wine: cannot determine executalbe type for L"Z:\path\to\executable"

My winecfg has Z: aliased to /, which while it may not be the best way
to do it, should work to my knowledge.

Both computers are running WINE 0.9.2, and apart from being two
"different" distros (FC and RH are more or less the same to me),
everything else on the computers seems to be similar.  As I said, both
computers are based off of images an IT guy set me up with, so I'm not
sure how much modification I can do to anything.

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