[Wine] Re: unable to start installer error "file not found"

manu emmanuel.tl at free.fr
Fri Jun 16 06:41:41 CDT 2006

David D. Hagood a écrit :

> I have seen cases (specifically, Delorme AAA MapNGo 6.0) where the
> SETUP.EXE in the root of the CDROM just launches a second SETUP.EXE in a
> subdirectory of the CDROM, and for some reason under Wine this does not
> work.
> Look within the CDROM for a second SETUP.EXE, and try running that.

I found a second SETUP.EXE but it is for a another program
I launched this second SETUP.EXE and powertracks has been installed
without problem

But my first program i need, doesn't work (always unable to start

Strange !!

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