[Wine] Re: audio tab crashes wine

digimars kenneth.l.armstrong at us.army.mil
Fri Jun 16 11:51:26 CDT 2006

digimars wrote:
> Evil Jay wrote:
> > digimars wrote:
> > > Nevermind, going through all of the dependencies, amarok needs aRTs.
> > > So if I take this out, I lose amarok alltogether.
> > >
> > > Is there any plans for Wine to fix this?  Or a way for Wine to just
> > > ignore aRTs?  And if it is such a problem, how do KDE users get by with
> > > this?
> > >
> > I used to have this same problem when I was using Mandriva.  If I
> > remember correctly, you can get around it by removing/renaming
> > winearts.drv.so, so that it won't be loaded.
> >
> > I don't have the problem at all with Kubuntu 6.06LTS, even though I also
> > have Amarok installed and have it using the aRTs engine.
> >
> > -Jesse
> Thanks for the tip, I've been looking all over for the winearts.drv.so
> file, what directory is it in?

Success!!!  Found it under /usr/lib/wine.  I just renamed it to
winearts.drv.so_bak and removed the original, and ran winecfg.  I was
able to click on the audio tab and configure my audio without it
crashing!!  Thanks to everyone for the tips and help!!

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