[Wine] How come wine doesn't improve?

Colin Pitrat colin.pitrat at libertysurf.fr
Sat Jun 17 09:10:14 CDT 2006

Well, it's not the impression I have. I guess your impression is, as 
mine, based on a quite small applications sample, that is not really 
representative. Maybe none of them use features that are actively 
developped in wine for now (Direct3D, TWAIN, RPC ...), and maybe you 
won't see a bug fix that corrected many apps but broke one of yours. You 
will say "there's less apps working" whereas there will be a bunch of 
new working apps.

Or maybe you're waiting for a long time for one of your apps to work 
properly, and you don't see any improvement. Every new version of wine, 
you launch your app, and you see exactly the same behaviour. If this is 
the case, you should read this :

Don't worry, wine does improve !

Philipp Klaus Krause a ecrit :
> Even though wine versions get released often and the weekly newsletters
> seem to report progress I get the impression that wine is not really
> improving.
> Of course it happens that some applications work with newer wine
> versions which didn't work with older ones, but at the same time old
> applications stop working.
> Is it only me that gets the impression that wine only changes over time,
> but doesn't improve?
> Philipp
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