[Wine] Re: No "CD" recognized

Daniel Skorka skorka at gmx.net
Fri Jun 23 11:18:44 CDT 2006

Delbert Freeman <dgfreeman at mon-cre.net> wrote:
> I know that about 2 years ago there was a change in the way Linux
> handled memory - lost the other program I had been running under Wine
> because it could no longer find the necessary "high memory."  So, the

Strange. Never heard of that.

> question is, has there been a change in the Linux kernel or is it Wine
> that is the problem?

You'll need to be more specific about what actually is happening.

> Is there a config file for Wine?  If so,where is it and does it have a
> "Man" page that actually tells you what is going on?

No. There is winecfg, wich is self explanatory, and there is the
registry, which is poorly documented somewere on winehq.org.


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