[Wine] Re: (Still) no printing possible in wine 0.9.15

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Fri Jun 23 19:26:11 CDT 2006

Sven Rudolph wrote:
> Ok, this is my setup:
> Two computers, goza and ray. Goza is my name-file-nis-nfs-web-ntp-etc-print
> server, connected to the printer. Ray is my workstation. Both machines have
> cups-1.1.23 installed, but only on goza the cupsd is running. On ray no
> cupsd is running. I just configured ray's /etc/cups/client.conf, so it
> contains the entry:
> ServerName

Hmm... yea, I have nothing in client.conf. So I am guessing Wine expects 
cupsd in some way. Perhaps you could temporarily try running the deamon 
and "installing" the remote printer using an IPP line like I have. That 
would tell you if that is the problem.

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