[Wine] Wine Config File

buck huffman no at spam.net
Sun Jun 25 22:49:22 CDT 2006

try running winecfg. it will(maybe?) find your cd. I have been fighting with the
same problem on my suse 10.1 install. for some reason(at least on my machine)
suse seems to no longer have the "/media/cdrom" entry that I am so familiar
with, and was so handy for creating shortcuts, and now produces a
totally lame "/media/"cd label"" entry for most cd's and no entry at all for the
rest. I'm not sure why though.

deb wrote:
> I just installed SuSe 10.1 and am having problems with "Wine."  I only
> have one program I run under it, but it is a vital program.  The error
> message when I try to run "Bible Illustrator" (BI) is that it cannot
> find the CD.  Under older versions of wine, I could go in and change a
> setting or two in the "Config" file and be up and running.  Though, in
> 99%, of the installs I have done, BI ran with no problems, straight out
> of the box.
> Any helpful hints?
> Deb

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