[Wine] Re: How to install programs in wine?

Kari Hurtta hurtta+gmane at siilo.fmi.fi
Sat Jun 24 09:13:12 CDT 2006

Ron Thompson <webmaster at plansandprojects.com> writes
in gmane.comp.emulators.wine.user:

> On Sat, 24 Jun 2006 13:20:26 +0000, Daniel Skorka wrote:
> > Ron Thompson <webmaster at plansandprojects.com> wrote:
> >> I am a rank newbie to Linux and wine. I am running Ubuntu Dapper on an
> >> AMD 1800 mhz machine, wine 0.9.15 Everything I have read says use the
> >> installer to load windows programs. Where is the installer?
> > 
> > The installer is usually called setup.exe or something like that.
> > 
> > Daniel
> Thanks for the quit reply.
> I was expecting it to be part of wine. How do you use it?

Every program use own installer which is distributed with program.

> Just "wine setup.exe" in terminal?
> Thanks for answering what must be a stupid question.

Usually on CDes where windows programs are distributed is program

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