[Wine] REPOST: No printing possible in wine 0.9.15

Ekkehard Flessa Ekkehard_Flessa at wun.maus.de
Thu Jun 29 15:25:24 CDT 2006

Hi Sven!

SR>When I try to print from a wine application, e.g. notepad, my printe=
SR>named i560, which is NOT connected locally, but to my print server,
SR>shows up in the print dialog properly. But when I click the OK butto=
SR>just nothing happens.

I've got a similar problem with wine 0.9.16 on openSuse 10.0: The 
printer is installed correctly in Cups (OpenOffice will print), and 
it's in wine's printer dialogue also. But as for you, nothing is 
In my case, the printer is connected both locally (via USB) and on the 
network, as it's got network capabilities also. Neither path will work 
from within wine :-(

I don't get any error messages, though. It just does nothing.

With best regards

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