[Wine] Re: LEGO LOCO: startup error

Nuno J. Silva (aka NJSG) nunojsg at gmail.com
Fri Jun 30 06:24:46 CDT 2006

A 14-06-2006 16:56, Daniel Skorka escreveu:
> "Nuno J. Silva (aka NJSG)" <nunojsg at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>The other workaround would be to
>>>enable DGA (I think).
>>How do I do that?
> AFAIK, load the extension in xorg.conf and give appropriate permissions
> for the user on /dev/mem (Yes, that is your main memory. You should
> think twice about allowing anybody to fool around with that.)
>>Of course yes, but I'm looking for a solution which doesn't imply having 
>>to change xorg.conf every time I want to run this windoze program.
> Maybe xnest is able to do that (Yes, that would be overkill).
> Daniel

I tried to run the game in my laptop, and there was no error message 
concerning the display settings (the TFT does not support all colors, so 
X is using a lower depth), but I was not able to run the game. (I got 
another error message...)

What's xnest?

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