[Wine] Desktop Icons

Jacek Wolszczak shutdownrunner at o2.pl
Sat Mar 4 04:39:19 CST 2006

Agape' Fellowship Church napisał(a):
> I am also VERY new to wine - and to Linux. I was already aware of how 
> to call a program via wine in a terminal window & perhaps the original 
> poster was also. I know how to create a shortcut in Windows but a 
> similar attempt in Linux did not work.
> My question (& probably the one originally meant) is: How do you 
> convert commands (such as the one you mention below) into a desktop 
> link in Linux to save calling a term & typing in the command?
> Ray
Just create a new activator and as a command try - wine 
'/path/to/program/exe'. This solution works for sure under gnome, but 
since most of todays desktops are compliant to freedesktop.org's 
specifications, it should also work for KDE,etc. e.g.
wine '/home/miles/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/LeechGet\ 2005/LeechGet.exe'

But please don't use .ico files. There's plenty of icons made by linux 
users for linux users. Many of them are .svg.:)

Best regards

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